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Parents' Information


All meals from breakfast through to late snack are provided by the service, in line with a rotating menu that adequately meets the recommended dietary needs of all children. Meal times are seen as an integral part of the children's learning experience, it provides an opportunity for children to develop independence and they come to regard meals as a relaxed social time. Educators model healthy eating to children by sitting with them in small groups during meal times.

Educator’s document children’s food intake throughout the day and this information is displayed to parents each day on the sleep and eat chart. Educators will make contact with parents if they are concerned about a child’s eating habits or food intake.

Children who have allergies or intolerances or who require a special diet to meet health, religious or cultural practices should be discussed with the staff during orientation so that alternative meals can be arranged. Menus are posted on the notice board allowing families to see what foods have been offered to children throughout each day.

To celebrate children’s birthdays a simple cake or cupcakes may be sent to the service. Please ensure all cakes/cupcakes recipes used

We are nut free. Cupcakes are preferable as they are easier to distribute to the children.


Parents of babies need to also bring in formula or breast milk. As there is such a wide variety of formulas we ask that you bring the correct quantity of formula in a clearly labelled formula container with a bottle of water and with the necessary water to mix the formula e.g. if your child requires 3 bottles in their day, please bring 3 formula containers and 3 corresponding bottles of water for the teaching team to mix fresh.

Bottles and formula containers must be placed in the mini fridge located in the craft area upon arrival, they must be clearly labelled with child’s name and date and to maintain correct temperatures must be stored in main fridge compartment (not the door). Please see the Director or an educator if you have further questions.