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Parent involvement and communication

We believe that each family is a very important part of our service; this is your service as well as your child's. Your involvement in the service is always welcome and through your involvement, your child will develop a sense of continuity between home and the service.

We ask families to spend a couple of minutes each day to check in with staff. This provides the opportunity for you to report any significant changes or events happening at home and allow staff to inform you of your child’s day at the service. Longer interviews can be organised with your child's primary educator's at a mutually suitable time. If this is necessary please communicate this need to the Director.

We invite parents to spend time with their child at the service, whether it be completing a puzzle or reading a book, prior to leaving in the morning or on a more formal basis sharing a skill or interest with the children such as cooking, playing an instrument or reading a story, helping out at lunch or joining an excursion. You may be able to share an aspect of your family's culture by lending items for display or providing books or music from your background.

Families will be invited to any special events at the service, such as incursion or family days.

We value secure, respectful, reciprocal open communication and partnership with families which begin with information provided by families in enrolment forms and during orientation. We also adopt further communication strategies which include children’s journals, slide shows, newsletters, meetings, family handbook and daily dialogue.

Newsletters, notices, etc. are emailed regularly.