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Learning Environments

Research shows that children learn best when they are pursuing their interests, and when adults are available to help contribute to and extend their play and learning. With this in mind our service operates an open-ended program guided by the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF).

Within our program children are encouraged to learn in a play based environment both indoors and outdoors, and experiences are provided according to children’s current interests and levels of development. The program provides flexibility for educators to observe the children, become involved in the child/children’s play and evaluate or extend on their learning immediately or in the near future.

A portfolio, created by educators for your child, contains information on your child’s development and progression of learning. Observations of play and learning, transcripts of conversations, work samples of art and photos are included within this portfolio.


In valuing and respecting you as partners in the care and education of your child you are encouraged to comment on or add to your child’s portfolio, which is a record of their learning and experiences at the service. Parents are encouraged to become collaborators with educators, assuring the development of common goals, ongoing communication, mutual trust, support and shared decision making.


Information that you may wish to provide may involve important or significant events in your child’s life, new experiences or current interests that educators may be able to include within the service’s program.