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6 weeks - 2 years old

Infant (Bilya) Program  6 Weeks  -  2 years

Staff : Child Ratio - 1:4

The nursery at Uniting Ella is called the Bilya room. Bilya is the Aboriginal word which means ‘to laugh’. The nursery provides a warm, safe, stimulating and nurturing environment, indoors, outdoors and on the adjacent enclosed verandah. Routines are predictable and instil security and stability. There are many opportunities throughout the day for adults and infants to engage in quality adult child interactions which provide opportunities for learning.

The primary goals for this age group are the development of independence and self esteem. Individual and group experiences are planned to assist in the development of many skills in a supportive and enriched environment. Incidental group time which includes music and language experiences occur spontaneously throughout the day.

Open ended experiences and learning areas such as art, puzzles and books are provided to stimulate the infants' senses and entice them to explore and investigate their environment.