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Toddler (Wingara) Program 2 - 3.5 Years

Staff : child ratio - 1:5

Wingara is an Aboriginal word which means to ‘think’. The toddler’s environment is called the Wingara room and consists of three rooms, a wrap around veranda, a paved courtyard and the surrounding gardens. The room is divided into learning areas which include a home corner for imaginative and dramatic play, a block area for construction, a dolls house, a puzzle table, a literacy table, a play dough table, a book corner with a lounge and large pillows, a relaxation corner with a fish tank.

Toddlers are moving from dependence upon others (parents, older children, other care givers) towards independence. This is a wonderful yet challenging time in the development of a child. Toddlers love doing things for themselves and we support their efforts towards independence through the daily routine: we encourage the children to wash their hands and faces, care for their own belongings, which they place in their lockers, and self-select where they would like to play in the learning environment.

Routines are flexible for this group and it enables educators to be responsible to children's interest and to promotoe long periods for engagement and learning.